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Your world is in upheaval

Remember just 5 years ago? The tools and practices that drive today’s advertising and marketing environments make that world look like the stone age. As the industry shifts to more automation, data-driven decision making, and real-time analytics at scale, the need for skilled leadership has never been greater. The Newport Group understands these critical needs, and is proud to provide an executive search service that brings a unique depth and breadth to the worlds of Marketing Technology, E-commerce and Analytics – Three Sixty Digital Talent.


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About Three Sixty

Three Sixty Digital Talent, a brand of The Newport Group, specializes in recruiting and placing senior management in the modern marketing and data analytics ecosystems. Our depth of knowledge and experience extends to platforms and technologies such as big data, programmatic, real time buying (RTB), supply-side and demand-side platforms, marketing technology (MarTech), content marketing, CRM, e-commerce, and underpinning technologies.