The 2 C’s – Communication & Competency

My last post concentrated on how a Recruiter can differentiate themselves from the majority of their counterparts by simply shifting focus from short-term results to building long-term relationships. Recruiters with an eye on the long game have two things in common – good communication skills and competence.

Communication: It’s more than what you say, it’s how you say it. Often times Recruiters wield ten dollar words and complex sentences in the hopes of impressing their audience. This is unnecessary. A good Recruiter knows the importance of clear communication and will work to ensure everyone involved is on the same page. They are transparent, honest, clear, and concise. Recruiters with effective communication skills take the time to understand their audience, anticipate their questions, and gather the information required to provide concrete answers and guidance. They are respectful of their audience’s time constraints and, thus, communicate thoroughly but succinctly. And, because of their focus on cultivating lasting relationships, they follow-up regularly, even when there are no updates to be given.

Competency: A good Recruiter doesn’t just “wing it”. Rather, they take the time to gather the right information from both clients and candidates. Recruiters who take a market mastery approach should be able to see past the bullet points on a resume or a job description. Instead, they will ask the right questions and probe deeply for the answers. Taking the time to truly understand a role, client culture, or a candidate’s background directly influences the success a Recruiter has in establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. Being able to provide thorough information and insight builds credibility and trust and contributes to more effective communication.

People can easily recognize a communicative and competent Recruiter. It’s clear they come ready to play with their head in the game. Whenever possible, they seek to redefine the standard by emphasizing continuous improvement and unparalleled communication and follow-up.


Excellent point. I think you had a great mentor. I would like to meet that person some day.

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