An Executive Search firm Committed to your success

Your executive talent is the greatest competitive advantage in your organization. Finding the right people at the right time to run your business can mean the difference between prosperity and mediocrity. Trusting an impersonal, bulk staffing operation that doesn’t consider specific business needs is too risky, and sifting through a massive, disjointed network of prospective candidates is simply too time consuming and costly to do internally. So how do you make sure you have the most qualified and suitable professionals for your organization? Turn to The Newport Group.

The Newport Group is an executive search and consulting firm specializing in the recruitment and placement of management and technical positions for growth industries throughout North America. We work closely with companies to not just fill a position, but establish long-term corporate, financial and hiring strategies based on their culture, position and departmental goals, and company vision. Our unique approach to recruiting enables us to find, refer and place experienced professionals who are in the market, not just “on it”, ensuring that their qualifications and passions meet those of the organizations with which we work. And rather than trying to be all things to all people, we pride ourselves on being market masters in our areas of specialization, leaving us uniquely qualified to serve the needs of each and every one of our business partners.



The Newport Group doesn’t look at our clients as a collection of fees. Instead, we’re champions of our business partners. We’re a truly hands-on executive search firm, working closely and carefully with clients to gain an understanding of their business and the best ways to approach their organization’s human capital strategy.



Our comprehensive search process starts with a collaborative effort to understand a client’s business situation, and involves a careful examination of prospective candidates, utilizing a myriad of tried and true executive search tactics. The result? Consistent delivery of the most qualified and capable in-market talent.



Our clients work in high growth and highly specialized industries, and so do we. We take the time to learn what’s happening in the marketplace, the exact skills needed, and the hiring trends within each of the practices we serve so we can confidently place the right talent at the right time for your organization.